About us

Welcome to Grassroots Grooming...

My name is Debbie DeEsposito, and I have been a certified pet groomer for over eight years. In the beginning, I worked under the guidance of a lifelong master groomer. There I learned the proper care and maintenance of your pet's coat, paws, nails, teeth, and beyond, all performed under strict industry guidelines to ensure optimal safety every step of the way. During my years of education and training I learned so much, but above all: Compassion for your pet comes first.

As owner and sole proprietor of my small business, I guarantee that each visitor who comes up my steps will be serviced by me personally, and one at a time—after all, doesn't each dog or cat deserve their groomer's full and undivided attention?

Convenience, cleanliness, and most of all compassion: the guiding principles of Grassroots Grooming's campaign for excellence.